Your pot photobraphy set up

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Your pot photobraphy set up

Post  kitoi on Tue May 26, 2009 2:20 pm

Saw a question regarding photo setup in a one thread so I thought I share mine.

My current gear is a Canon 40d DSLR, tripod, light tent, daylight balanced light bulbs and graduated black background. The photo is setup for macro but I use the same for pots except a different lens.

On camera flash

Light tent

Then I invested in a graduated background, it gave more depth to the photo.

Camera settings-ISO 100 or lower for the sharpest image, f8 aperture to get the entire subject in focus, shutter speed is 2-5seconds so a tripod is a must as well as a remote shutter release or times so there's no motion from snapping the shot. I also use a photo editing program once the shots are complete.

Total cost for the tent and lighting is about $400, a bit much for shooting pots but I use it for product shots for my day job, my wife's business and other hobbies

Lets see your setup...


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