Another Sansai pot in action - new work

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Another Sansai pot in action - new work

Post  Rob Kempinski on Sun May 29, 2011 11:28 pm

Warm weather has arrived meaning I can work on my buttonwoods and other tropicals.
Here is a buttonwood before and after

Changing the planting angle hides the reverse taper and makes the tree more interesting. Tom Benda's sansai kiln pot is well sized for the tree. The tree needs a season or two to ramifiy and to start a pinching routine to get smaller leaves.

This is a Haggarbush or Clerodenrum I picked up from Erik Wigert's nursery a few weeks ago.

Here it is styled as a windswept? No branches on the left side so I worked with what I had. I can imagine this tree growing on a cliffside in Puerto Rico , its home. Haggarbush is a very fast grower so it will fill in rather quickly in this season. This pot is by American Ron Lange, which unfortunately cracked over the winter - I guess in a freeze - but still usable.

Rob Kempinski

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