Some large Don Gould Pots

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Some large Don Gould Pots

Post  NeilDellinger on Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:48 pm

Hello all,
Please enjoy the photos of a few Don Gould pots. These are pretty large pots, around 14 inches and VERY VERY heavy. I like the greenish glaze best myself. Not sure but I think Don made a fairly limited number of this large pot in this style. There is also a white/cream glaze but I did not get around to taking photos of it. As I understand this pot was one of the last projects Don was working on before his death in 2006. If you have any further info please share....ori f anyone has interest in these pots please PM me.


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Re: Some large Don Gould Pots

Post  Dale Cochoy on Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:52 pm

Don Gould actually made quite a few of these cast pots before he died. I notice you are from tulsa. Pat Coen from Tulsa had quite a few of these for sale after Don's death.
At the Washington, D.C. WBBF '05 Don did a slide program/lecture explaining his designing this pot and building the 3-D master using one of the super glue/corn starch 3-D building machines that works from a computer image. Then he made a mold of the 3-D solid 'pot'. it was quite interesting as a modern day design technique.
As you probably know, Don was involved in doing fused glass artwork for several years before the WBC05 show and no bonsai pots had been introduced in several years. He was molding some non-bonsai clay items that I had seen. I remember a Polar Bear that was quite nice!
Near the end Don had a 'pay upfront' type deal that ( If I remember right) was about $500 for 5 pots , to be mass produced over a period of time. There used to be a web page for this but I can no longer find a trace of it.
I 'believe' this pot was to be one of them? but I'm not positive.
I always enjoyed his contemporary styles, especially slab-built items, and own a few of his pots myself.I see them often for sale at shows for handsome prices. Some are hand made, others molded with no apparent price differences between the two.

Dale Cochoy

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