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Post  Kevin S - Wisco Bonsai on Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:59 pm

i am going through a years worth of pictures and came across these i had forgotten about:

as a preface:
i didnt wanna put this under "members trees" because i dont own it any longer and it is more light-hearted than serious bonsai...

so my daughter was organizing a fund-raiser for the waupaca wisconsin arts board and she asked if i could "just whip up a quick bonsai" for the silent auction... i tried to explain thats not really how it works, but then she gives the look that only a daughter can give a father (no, not this one Rolling Eyes ... this is the one: Crying or Very sad )

so i cruised the garden center and found a likely candidate (parsons juniper) to have fun with

and whipped up this fake tanuki (redundant ?) type thing...

messing around with driftwood choices and potting options...


some quick n dirty deadwood...

didnt wanna lay on too many insults in one sitting, so only removed enough roots to get into the new pot
(luckily i had one on hand that was only marginally smaller)

and ended up with this... the definition of "turn & burn bonsai"

like i said at the beginning... nothing serious... just a bit of fun...

and she was happy, it was amongst the highest earning items for the auction, the auction winner was super stoked, and so that all made me a happy pappy

(and the auction winner already had a bit of a clue on how to handle it, but i was able to spend some time with him to explain after care, feeding water, etc...)


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Kevin S - Wisco Bonsai
Kevin S - Wisco Bonsai

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