Juniper Procumbens Penjing

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Juniper Procumbens Penjing

Post  Bolero on Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:00 pm

Hello again, here is another Penjing I created over the Winter & it is still a WIP...
It is a 10 year old Juniper Procumbens that has seen considerable Wiring and Pruning over the years...
It is 22"OAHTx12"Wx9"D...Pot Ht is 3 1/2"
This Penjing is comprised of a Singular Juniper Procumbens, some Moss, some Figures & Misc...
Comments & Critiques welcomed...


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Re: Juniper Procumbens Penjing

Post  Leo Schordje on Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:14 pm

Nice, a pleasant composition.

I know you have not been doing bonsai for very long, this is a nice composition.

Down the road, maybe after enjoying it for a couple years as is, if it were mine I would consider a re-design. If any new buds sprout on the trunk, or where the existing branches join the trunk, buds in the "crotches" of the branch-trunk, I would begin keeping them for the future redesign. The first branch is awkward, with its 90 degree angle. The branches further up the tree are dead arrow straight, from the trunk to first tufts of foliage. Penjing have a lot of movement, many direction changes, and seldom have long straight branches. Your straight branches contradict the gentle arch of the apex. At some point consider different ways to fix this.

You could try to wire curves into the straight branches. Model the curves to complement the apex.

Or you could modify the apex, to make it more angular like the branches, not my choice, but it is one option. Right now the apex and the rest of the tree are somewhat mismatched.

I would actually consider regrowing all the branches, cutting everything that is dead arrow straight off. But don't do that until you get some back budding on the trunk, or at the base of the existing branches. Cut before it back buds, and it will never back bud.

I would even consider removing everything above the first branch and regrowing the entire tree, but that would be a decade long project.

So I definitely like that you created this composition, it is a good early effort. When your are ready to further refining it, after you enjoyed it a while as is, consider a complete redesign.
Leo Schordje

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