Redo my bench irrigation?

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Redo my bench irrigation?

Post  marc74 on Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:01 pm

thinking maybe i should improve my irrigation to my bench that i set up last year.  basic ebay system that works reasonably well, some have better flow than others

here is my bench

picture A is how i have setup now, goes along and drops down to each shelf and then supplies

picture B i believe would probably be better just a little more fiddly installing and may need longer tubes to the trees

am i ok to user right angled connections or should i try and keep smooth and more of a circle with nice bends etc

should i just run it around the wood frame at far back and then run feeders from there inside to the relevant trees?

supply from tap at bottom or top?

any tips? and could i add some outlets just after the tap for some other trees?  the end is supplying another tree off the bench, maybe i could add a couple there
I do feel style A does hide the tubes better though

Thanks all for any input


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