Non-natural small trees #0

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Non-natural small trees #0

Post  AlainK on Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:34 pm

Non-natural small trees #0:

Whether they are classified in the "Naturalistic" category, the "Japanese" style, etc., there are always awesome bonsai in each category.

For instance:

1/ A Cotoneaster "on the rock":

Most people love that "bonsaï", yet, ity's very unnatural in many ways:
 a) Cotoneaster horizontalis never shows this kind of triangular shape ;
 b) One would never ever see a "root-over-rock" cotoneaster in real life. If a Cotoneaster, which is not a totally stupid plant sprouted at the top of a rock, it would trow roots down to find nutriments in the soil. Once the roots in the soil, the top would die and the roots would grow new shoots close to ground-level ;
 c) It was wired several times: old-timers like many Chinese just prune them, and wiring really started in the second half of the 20th century in Japan.

But I like it, and most people who have no degree in bonsaïsm like it too.

2/ A Fagus sylvatica:

 a) I live in the plains 100 km south of Paris, the only 2 Fagus sylvatica I know in 5 mikles around are trees that were planted in parks. This one was a 1-2 yr-old seedling taken on the bank of a stream in "Massif Central", 350 km down south, 800 m higher.
 b) In their natural habitat, the central mountains of France, all the Fagus I saw, whereas in a forest or as an isolated tree, they all have a tall and strong straight trunk.
 c) It was wired several times.

This one is in training but when it fills up, I'm pretty sure it can look good, as un-natural as it is.

3/ Acer palmatum.

Same kind of comment as for 1/ : totally unnatural, so what? A lot of my friends like it. After all, why do I like bonsa� Well, as long as those who like my trees can spend a good moment looking at them, I'm happy with that.

Actually, the last one is very natural beacause I made it from scratch, it's from a cutting, so it's naturally me. Or at least, a part of naturally me - it changes all the time...

Date: uncertain:

November 2008:

4/ Ulmus 'Jacqueline Hillier": no recent picture of this one, we've had such a dry, hot summer, it suffered quite a bit.

Total fantasy! But like it or not, all is true: I can certify I invented it all myself.


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Non-natural small trees #9403

Post  AlainK on Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:48 pm

And what about a 25/30 cm larch that never grew in the mountains?...

Does it look "real", or natural, or realistic after 20 years?... Shocked Shall it be called "Cubistic"?... Laughing


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Re: Non-natural small trees #0

Post  Rick36 on Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:26 am

Bonjour, Alain. Doesn't matter what anyone wants to call them. They are created and nurtured and loved - what more is needed? And I like them for themselves - they are uniquely "yours". (or someone's). A bientot.


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Re: Non-natural small trees #0

Post  geo on Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:15 am

AlainK, I do like your trees very much. You are doing it all excellently. Give my regards to the Ulmus, and tell her to get VERY well right now!


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Re: Non-natural small trees #0

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