pemphis acidula 1 dead and 1dying

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pemphis acidula 1 dead and 1dying

Post  rexman on Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:11 am

I got the 2 trees a year ago. "Care" is watering 2X/day, urea fertilizer 2X/month + osmocote in the pots. I did notice the dead one as having full sunlight of about 3 hours per day. The dying one has about 4hrs. I did not notice any pests but the leaves are not healthy-looking. Substrate is river sand with, I think, good drainage.

The dead one:

The were buds 2 months ago but they too have dried up. I'm still watering it and stopped urea in the hope of...

the dying one:

Not healthy leaves. I started adding fish emulsion every week last month with dosage according to instructions in the bottle. 1 teaspoon/gal. I only use half teaspoon for 1.5Liters and use it all of it for 3 trees including the dead one. I have also moved to where it can have at least 6 hrs of sunlight.

I hope you can help me save the dying one.

Many thanks!


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Re: pemphis acidula 1 dead and 1dying

Post  63pmp on Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:41 pm

I have no experience with these plants, though there are many on this site that do, so this post is a bump, and hopefully someone knowledgeable assists. You trees are very good and I hope they have recovered in the time since you initially posted, it would be a huge loss for these trees to die.



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