Help in styling Carpinus Betulus + virtual ideas

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Help in styling Carpinus Betulus + virtual ideas

Post  Guest on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:10 pm

Hello all,

I'm calling on anyone with experience in carpinus (betulus) and hopefully some alos posess virtual skills, i tried my best here but i only make do with a limited computer programme.

anyway, a +/- 18 to 20yo carpinus betulus, dug up from a hedge in march 2012. Next year it will stay in its training pot offcourse (maybe only slippot because of possible rot of the wooden box) but i want to chop the top to direct the new groth and stimulate strong growth in a new top.

first picture as it was somewhere in july, its not changed all that much because it had to recover from superdrastic root chop/pruning. In summer, especially late summer it however produces tons of healthy looking new bud, everywhere, so the virtual i did is in my opinion possible.

I want to have opinions about lowering BOTH trunk, and about balancing the green. I put most of the green in places where there are old branches, or enough possibilities. Actually i was looking for a bit more natural looking style but since i'm not a virtual expert, i stopped with these 2 virtuals.

virtual 1 shows the new trunk leader etc... virtual 2 in leaf.



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