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Pinus sylvestris first styling

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Pinus sylvestris first styling  Empty Pinus sylvestris first styling

Post  Gorilla Tue May 07, 2024 2:15 pm

I have had this tree 3 or 4 years now and I havent done any styling for it or removed any branches.
It was saved from the side of a train tracks as it was pulled of the ground. I didnt put much of efort or high hopes to it as its bare roots were dry under strong August sun.
I planted it on raised bed and left it there to recover.
Next spring it was a live but very weak and it dropped some needels.
At this point I covered it with sparce burlap sack and pulled the end of the drip waterin line next to it under the sack.

Suprisingly it survived and started to grow.
It spend next 2 years on this raised bed.
Then last summer I transplanted it on this basket.

Now I think it has gained enough strength to be styled at the first time.

The tree isnt big and it has some ovious flaws.
On the other hand it has tolerated so much abuse and mutalation that I think it is great little pine for training.

I'll add pictures later.


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