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Pieris japonica Bonsai Empty Pieris japonica Bonsai

Post  Lost2301 on Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:10 am

I have made a new page for Pieris Japonic Bonsai on my website. Finding a decent example of this species being used as Bonsai are pretty hard to find. Plenty of little trees but not many well established trees. The main tree on the new page is from the Denver Botanic Gardens Bonsai collection under the care of Curator and International Bonsai Master Larry Jackel. The tree is currently in bloom and will be on display at the Gardens shortly. This species is listed on the Deciduous Bonsai Trees page.

Take a vote on which front you like best? I like photo #3 for the front.

Official Front - Photo #1
Pieris japonica Bonsai Img_3610

Back - Photo #2
Pieris japonica Bonsai Img_3611

Side - Photo #3
Pieris japonica Bonsai Img_3612

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