1st Tanuki attempt

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1st Tanuki attempt

Post  Bob Brunt on Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:57 pm

I was working on this Little Juniper.Just a quick tidy up when my mind wondered back to how it began.I bought it from a Garden center whilst on holiday in Wales.I was only just getting into Bonsai at this stage.I looked into my photo collection and found a few pics .The 1st being taken on a 1.3 camera none to good.

The 2nd image was my early attempt at turning this into a Bonsai.

The tree was going nowhere until i found a fantastic piece of Yew dead wood whilst on a collecting trip with my good friend and mentor Tony.I decided to try my hand at a Tanuki.This is the result and the then front.
I now think the reverse side is the best.And this is the tree now.

All through this trees life as a Bonsai I have considered it to be an insignificant tree.Using it to practise techniques on etc.
Suddenly it has become a very interesting little tree.Hope you like it.
Bob Brunt

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Re: 1st Tanuki attempt

Post  Sakaki on Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:57 pm

Dear Brunt,

Your tree is very nice.
If it would be my tree I would not design it as a Tanuki (at least with this piece of deadwood).
(Because) when I look at it, I feel the tree and dead wood moves and flows in different ways. Also your tree seems like a nice dancer but dead wood seems like a beginner in dancing. Also I feel a negative space between tree and tanuki at mid-height. I am not sure if I could explain my feelings.
Of course, this is what I feel when I look at it. Smile


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