My plant collection (WARNING picture heavy)

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Re: My plant collection (WARNING picture heavy)

Post  Poink88 on Thu May 17, 2012 2:33 am

Thanks for the warning guys. While I have more than 80 now...they still don't keep me busy enough. Wink For me, time is very precious so the more I can get going now the better. Should I find time to work on them, they are just there. If I ever get frustrated, I am sure I can unload them for more than I got them...especially since about half of these are free. he-he-he

I know about the Campeche being super fast. Note that they are not wired yet in these pictures taken exactly a month ago...I have to remove some wires this weekend because they are biting already so they were wired about 3 weeks only!!! Shocked affraid The good thing is, they already set. cheers

Most of these are much better looking now and I plan to take another round of similar group pics this weekend to document their progress. Bagpiper

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