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New to Bonsai

Post  Cockroach on Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:35 am

I have had a 27 year old Ficus (assuming retusa) for 3 years now and finally decided this year to get into bonsai more.

I love some of the bonsais on here and the advice given. I will be posting questions soon as I get some free time. Attached are some pictures of bonsais I made over the past 2 months.
I currently have:
5 ficus (retusa)
2 nageia nagi
2 juniper (persumably chinensis)
1 Lavendar Starflower-Grewia occidentalis
1 Boxwood
1 serissa
1 Buddhist pine
1 Japanese Maple

Ficus pre-trim and wire

Ficus-wired for broom style.

Lavender Starflower Cascade

Boxwood straight out the ground and potted (put this poor thing through hell)

Japanese Maple

Ficus pre-repot

Same ficus repotted to slab


All my "new" bonsai I made recently.

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