Lonicera Maacki (Bush or Amur Honeysuckle)?

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Lonicera Maacki (Bush or Amur Honeysuckle)?

Post  Michael T on Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:13 am

I have four acres a woodlands to collect in that are littered with literally hundreds of honey suckle (maacki variety). Many of which are very large and interesting. I've been searching the net for everything I can learn about them. I would like to collect a few in a couple of weeks. Some are leafing out in the sunnier areas, the rest are still dormant.

Any idea how much rootage was taken when collected? I understand that they can be collected much the same as a willow or olive, i.e., little to no rootage is necessary. Anyone tried the Maacki variety?

Michael T

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