Kappa Sumie Wallscroll

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Kappa Sumie Wallscroll

Post  Kakejiku on Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:03 pm

***This is not an Akutagawa Painting. It is based upon the painting of the Kappa by Akutagawa. It was painted with calligraphy done by Horinouchi, Natsuko. A sumie and shodo artist located in Germany. This was ordered as a gift for someone back east.
You can read about the legend of the Kappa at this link to Wikipedia.
Although it says in this article, that it is specific to Saga Prefecture, it was a constant and recurring image, along with the Game, in the town of Yatsushiro in Kumamoto prefecture where I lived for 7 months in 1994.
I really enjoyed making this scroll. It was a challenge due to the size, but also the theme. I chose the Ichimonji to represent the flowing water in which it lived, and the green/yellow silk to represent the grassy/mossy banks that surround some of the rivers that I saw in the countryside. The kakehimo, is hard to see, but it is a light green, (Kinka) to complement the green cloth. The dark Ebony (kokutan) jikusaki really match well with the Earthtones of brown, and tan in the Fuchin. I used the Brown hanging string to blend invisibly onto the jikusaki.

Scroll Dimensions as follows:

Name in Kanji Name in English Size in Bun Size in Inches
天 Ten 114 13.60
上一文字 Ue Ichimonji 15 1.79
紙本の幅さ Artwork Width 158 18.85
紙本の長さ Artwork Length 290 34.59
柱 Pillars 9 1.07
下一文字 Shita Ichimonji 12 1.43
地 Chi 75 8.95
掛け軸の幅さ Scroll Width 176 21.00
掛け軸の長さ Scroll Length 506 60.36

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