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Post  Mangku on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:53 am

Beackea Frutescens, sapu-sapu in bahasa Indonesia or cucur atap acording to Malayan dialect or xiang song in Chinesse is very popular material for bonsai, especally in Malaysia there are some beautyful and mature bonsai. Here in Indonesia there is also some beautyful bonsai of this material, but only in Belitung island, a small island eastern of Sumatera as it's habitat. In South Sumatera we found a few Beackea/sapu-sapu in forest. Actually, I have tried to
plant this specie since 1993 but every I dug it must be die, although I was carefully care, its only can live few month. In November 2010 I showed some pictures of Beackea bonsai in malaysia, all trees of this specie can live in good condition, so I tried to contact with some friends in Malaysia, I asked how they can grows this specie. After I got some explanations, once more I tried to dig this material from the forest on December 2010, here is;

December 2010 Beackea Frutescens Dsc01710

Beackea Frutescens Dsc01711

April 2011 Beackea Frutescens Sapu2_10

Beackea Frutescens Sapu2_11

Last October 2011 Beackea Frutescens Sapu2_12

Beackea Frutescens Sapu2_13

Beackea Frutescens Sapu2_14

Beackea Frutescens Sapu2_15

I like to ask all friends of IBC, especially friends from Malaysia; Is my tree grows healty? and how to keep it ? How to shape or style for good result
as a bonsai . For all the attention and idea or critique are well come



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Post  ndleong on Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:52 am

Hi Mangku

1. You're right Mangku, Beackea nowaday has attracted a lot of attention of bonsai lovers in Malaysia as it could produce excellent bonsai.
2. As to your tree I think it should have enough branches to be styled right now by wiring them. I gues the lower trunk could be used as jin rather than leaving it as such.
3. To me Beackea is a quite fast growing tree in terms of foliage and branches. Thus, you can continue to style your tree as it come along to the shape to your liking.

Hope the above helps. Nd

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