SHIBUI workshop, meeting Pascal MARC aka scaloo

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SHIBUI workshop, meeting Pascal MARC aka scaloo

Post  actubonsai on Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:16 pm

Meeting Pascal MARC, the man who hides in the SHIBUI workshop.

Exhibition of the ASPAC to Audincourt in September 2011, was the opportunity to meet Pascal. Dozens of pots are installed on the stand covered with black cloth.

It is clear that the glaze are varied, a series of pots, all identical in form but each time with a different glaze, perfect for an association with kusamono or kokedama ... sometimes it goes the appearance of the earth at the end of winter, the beautiful colors of a pool of water in the spring, chocolate colors or leopard spots...

And the video Very Happy

On its website ( SHIBUI ) you will find some nice pictures of his pots as well as photographs taken in his studio. I look forward to seeing her new collection Zisha including ikebana vases.

You can find this article on my website, in french or with the automatic translator (google).

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