Scots Pine (variety Fensham)

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Scots Pine (variety Fensham)

Post  Mike Partridge on Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:14 pm

I have recently acquired, from a relative, a scots pine (variety "Fensham"). It has been neglected in a flower pot for many years but has very small needles and a reasonable shape. The trunk is around the thickness of my thumb and the tree is a little over 12 inches high. It has a decent branch structure and should make a good bonsai. I have been able to repot it into a bonsai pot because the roots only extended down a short way and did not need much reduction.

I wondered, however,if anyone had experience of using this variety for Bonsai.

I have other scots pine, including a couple of Beuvronensis.

Fensham has much smaller needles. This might be because it was rarely watered.

Any advice from those with experience of this cultivar would be welcome.


Mike Partridge

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