So what should I do now?

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So what should I do now?

Post  alonsou on Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:09 pm

Hello folks,

I have a juniper procumbens nana, that while I was trying to styled one of the main branches (what I was planning to turn into the apex) pretty much snapped out of the tree while I was trying to straighten it up, it literally came off the tree, that's how bad it was Crying or Very sad

I almost panic, tried to re-attached and secured the branch in place with wire and seal the entire damaged area with some wound sealant, but sadly my efforts had no luck at all. Embarassed

Ok so now moving forward, there's nothing I can do to fix that, (lesson learned) the question is:

What should I do with the death part of the tree?

1) I could take it off but the tree my look odd with out it.
2) I was planning on turning that into some kind of jin/shari but I still have the issue of no apex on the tree, have anyone seen or its even possible to have a Bonsai with a jin as an apex?

Just looking for some feedback as to what others think I should do now.

Thanks for your help!..

OOhhh yes... the images ...


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Re: So what should I do now?

Post  Guest on Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:31 pm

Hi Alonsou.

like you said...move on man!. remove the dead part, and just let the tree grieve alone...really leave it alone for a while (like a year) before you do some thinking on the design. Just don't forget the lesson you have learned from this experience so that the branch you broke won't go to waste.

jun Smile


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So What Should I do Now?

Post  bonsaisr on Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:24 am

If it's any consolation, if that thick a branch just snapped off when you tried to straighten it, it most likely was dead or dying already. Being a beginner, you probably wouldn't have noticed the subtle difference in the shade of green of dying foliage.
There are many trees in nature without a top. And there may be a lot of bonsai that replicate that arrangement. Look for semi-cascade bonsai. Let the tree alone for six months & see if it decides to send up a new leader by itself.


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Re: So what should I do now?

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