Spring is almost......sprung!

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Spring is almost......sprung!

Post  GerhardGerber on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:17 pm

Hi All

I just know this is bad news for some (most?) of you since it means you're heading into winter........

......But I can't contain myself! Laughing Laughing Most of my trees are budding, I've already done one airlayer (Myrtus) and by next weekend I have to start few more airlayers on Celtis garden tree, trees have to be repotted and several need to move from nursery bags into development pots - time to get my hands dirty! cheers cheers

We're expecting a cold front to hit next week, don't know if that counts as no 2 or 3 of "der drei eisheilige", but that's it for winter 2011! Cool

Aslo means I can get out on my kayak and fishing soon, life is good! Laughing

Have a great weekend all!


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