Problem with Ulmus

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Problem with Ulmus

Post  lou1994 on Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:13 pm


i have a chinese elm for 6 months.
He had good to the potting.

In MArch i changed the earth for Pumice and Akadama.
I cutted maybe a lot of roots.....

After that he lost her leaves.
Since that there are not many leaves but under the bark is always green and there are 4_5 little leaves yet.

I let it for 2 months at full sun.
Now he is in a plastic bag in the shadows with a bite of sun.....

The bark is green

Cn you give me opinion,help to help my elm...

Thank you
You're welcome


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Re: Problem with Ulmus

Post  JimLewis on Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:05 pm

Be very careful with the plastic bag. It is easy for those to overheat, even with a little sun.

Also be careful with your watering. With so few leaves, it will need MUCH less water. Let the soil go almost dry before adding water. That could be several days between watering.

Have you fertilized this tree since you worked on the roots? A little fertilizer may help.

Where are you keeping this tree? Outside? Inside?

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