question of style

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question of style

Post  peteswos on Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:09 pm

Bonsai styles are dictated by our mentors. Do we stick to this or do we break away and try to follow our own path? I would have said the latter, however recently I bought some chinese Juniper Blue Alps, grown for gardens, but the price was right for potential bonsai. I styled one as a potential windswept style, showing the pics to another bonsai forum. Comments were made about the tree's sparse foliage (even though I explained it was a skeleton).
As you can imagine plenty of suggestions were made. However since making the pics public, I have had several photographic artists ask can they take photos, and offer a small price to follow & take pics of its progress, with their own ideas of how it should turn out. Should I take the cash (not a lot) and let them photograph it to their ideas, or should I tell them to jog on?
To me the tree is a skeleton & needs 4 or 5 seasons to become Bonsai. Should I divert from my plan, and make a couple of quid (and it is a couple of quid) or should I tell them to drink more turps and try to sell them some T shirts with a well known Cuban on?

A Piccy of the tree is added (skeleton as I said).

PICT1611 by nitspits, on Flickr


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Re: question of style

Post  fiona on Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:20 am

Hi Peteswos (I assume your name is Pete) and welcome to the forum.

An interesting question and only one that really you can answer as it's your tree. I'd offer the following observation:

You say "several photographic artists" want to take photos if you will "let them photograph it to their ideas". To me this sounds as if you will let yourself in for all these guys prodding and poking at that poor tree. Moreover if it's their ideas will they not want also to bend it around? Doesn't sound like a good idea for the tree.

But as I said, it's your tree to do what you wish with. For a few quid I'd be saying no unless you are sure you won't be out of pocket when it gives that audible snap. For a lot of quids... well that'd be different.

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