Yamadori collecting trip to Poland, Czech Rep & Slovakia

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Yamadori collecting trip to Poland, Czech Rep & Slovakia

Post  Harleyrider on Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:41 am

Tony and I returned yesterday from an absolutely amazing 5 day bonsai/yamadori/food fest through Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Pavel, Kuba, Mirek, the 2 Romans and their respective wives for their hospitality throughout our stay. I am lost for words to describe just how welcome you all made us feel, and just how tight all my clothes have suddenly become!

I will be writing a full description of of our trip shortly, just as soon as I get the pics from Tony (I lost mine after a sudden inverted descent from a mountain which I only managed to halt by the cunning use of my Blackberry to cushion my landing on the sharp rocks we were climbing. In other words, I fell about 10 feet and landed on my phone which, sadly, contained 3 days-worth of pictures, sigh.) Mind you, as we were 5000ft up at the time with very little to stop you hitting the bottom, I'll take the loss happily!

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