Quercus Robur in training!

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Quercus Robur in training!

Post  Andrea Trevisan on Tue May 24, 2011 10:35 am

Ciao everyone,
In this post I show my technique to the construction of hardwoods.

Starting material yamadori the process of building a hardwood is very different from the construction material of Japanese imports. The following shows three examples of specimens in my collection that I follow for about three years interviews with different techniques depending on the time and type of work to be done.
I hope that there may be helpful for your specimens.

Robur 1:
This Robur is in training for about 2 years. Italy withdrew from the center shortly after the collection has been cultivated and follow a set pattern to achieve a precise result safe and dependable long-lasting. The first two years the work has involved setting hunted to rebuild the branches and trunk, letting go of undisturbed vegetation. This spring, the plant has been repotted in a pot for bonsai cultivation begin to form a root system more suited to the future bonsai pot. At the same time throughout the season the plant will be processed, and trimmed the vegetation regularized letting go of the points that need to swell.

From the garden of collectors:

Two years of works:

In this time:

Robur 2:
This product has not robur buds along the trunk, but the sample is very interesting and difficult if they are of this size and movement. After engraftment occurred this Chuin robur has been left undisturbed for the entire season going to allow you to take action this spring through loops grafts.

This past spring:

In May, the leaves and apply grafts:

Robur 3:
This particular specimen from the trunk of the branches has vegetated old after the first year in which it was virtually stationary. Therefore it was necessary to realize from these branching structure.

This past spring:

First step

Andrea Trevisan

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Re: Quercus Robur in training!

Post  Loke Emil on Tue May 24, 2011 10:48 am

Bravo bravissimo...;-)

Your work is to be commended. Great hopes for the future of this stunning material. Thanks for sharing Cool

BR from Loke Emil

Loke Emil

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