styling trees grown from seedling

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styling trees grown from seedling

Post  Gentleman G. on Mon May 02, 2011 3:31 am

Hey, everybody. I've been learning a lot about bonsai since join the forum and my local bonsai club. My tree collection is growing quickly, nothing "styled" really, just a whole lot of stumps of trees I've chopped for future mame/shohin trees and a bunch of Bald Cypress I intend to use for a forest in a couple years. I understand why collecting trees or training nursery stock is preferred over growing from seedling, however, I'm pretty young still and wouldn't mind waiting for seedlings to mature. With that being said, for myself and others relatively new to bonsai I'd like to ask what techniques some of you more experienced members use??? For example, would one need to do anything in particular early on to train for windswept style??? What about cascade and slanting??? What may seem obvious to someone practicing bonsai for some time doesn't come naturally to people like me (with hardly any horticultural knowledge). Any time I've searched for information on this subject all I can find is someone saying "It's not worth the time, go buy some nursery stock.", I think it will be interesting to watch something I planted mature into a beautiful bonsai someday. Any info/tips would be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks.

Gentleman G.

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Re: styling trees grown from seedling

Post  Guest on Mon May 02, 2011 4:12 am

hi Gentleman

Growing from seed, I've done it and am still growing out the tree. One thing starting from seed gives you is total root control. If something tends to put down a tap root you can prune it very early. Other than that I see little advantage to growing from seed. Unless your looking o do a forest planting and need a ton of seedlings to populate it with.

Learn to clone. Take cutings, air layer. These are far more productive ways to create good working stock. Once you master cloning particularly you can get all the benefits of growing from seed In very little time. Root issues can be addressed early on and trunk bends can often be wired or trained in during year number 2.

BUT theres nothing like looking at a tree you've known scince it was a little seed.


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