Not a bonsai, but, just a tree.

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Not a bonsai, but, just a tree.

Post  Storm on Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:54 pm

I just wanted to post something I find fun.
When I started working a bit with bonsai, I wanted to get my hands on some yamadori. So I head out into the yard to get myself some trees.
I dug a few, and didn't know what I was doing. The tree I dug didn't have any fine roots. My father asked if I had planted firing wood.
All it had when I dug it was a fat "T" shaped root, with the trunk as the long line. No buds, no branches.
And I stuck it into a flower pot with no drainage in garden soil. The worst thing you can do to a tree.
I had some tropicals, which nearly all died. Why didnt I give up? Dont ask me...
So I watered and the little tree grew a bit. Winter came, and I forgot all about it.
It snowed down, and one day, my father cleared snow from the porch, and run the spade into the trunk. I didnt know, and most likely he didnt either.
I didnt water it last summer. Since I had moved earlier and my mother threw some water at it now and then, and I understood what bonsai was a bit more about, I didnt really want it.
I came up to them today. And I saw the tree. I took it home, and planted it into a new bonsai pot.
This is how it looked today. You can see the big scar. (The leader has leaves on the top.)

I mixed in some kat litter and a bit garden soil. Its what I have availeable, and the pots tend to dry out when im at work. Im making a sort of "lid" on it to hold back some of the evaporation.

My plan further is to let the leader grow, and hopefully make some backbudding. Carve out the trunk, and see what happens.
Im working with this one mostly for the personal history with it.
The small tree you see, is actually an individual tree that started to grow in the old flower pot, which made some roots, so I put it into one of my smallest pots.
Here is a size comparison. ( And no, my finger isnt broken..)


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