Farmed black pine -- a 5-year-development

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Farmed black pine -- a 5-year-development

Post  daiviet_nguyen on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:43 am

This was a farmed black pine which has been in my possession for five (5) years. I wire it for the first time on the 21/04/2011. Photos were taken on 22/04/2011.

This is the full development post on Ausbonsai.

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It is 60 cm from the soil surface. It has five (5) branches. I have split the top branch by accident during wiring; I am not sure if it will survive.

I am happy with five (5) branches and the height. Basically, for me, the skeleton for this tree has been set up (provided that the top branch survives). Most of the branches are still juvenile. I can see great potential in this tree. But it will take much more times.


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Re: Farmed black pine -- a 5-year-development

Post  Guest on Mon Apr 25, 2011 7:08 pm

Great trunk, and hopefully the tree will back-bud nicely.

You may want to remove the (or cut the wire to be safe) wire and re-wire. Your wiring spirals are very close and inconsistent. Also, your wire gauge will not support the trunk well either.

Wire at approx. 45deg. angle and try to maintain the spacing gently closing in as you proceed to the thinner section of the branch. Cut the wire at the point where the wire becomes stronger for the branch (the branch will conform to the shape of the wire and not vice versa).

After wiring, test the gauge by gently bending the branch... if the branch slowly goes back to it's original shape then the gauge is too thin.

- S


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