Some Orders in the works...

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Some Orders in the works...

Post  Kakejiku on Wed Apr 20, 2011 3:33 am

The kireji just came in today from Japan so I was able to work on more scrolls...
The Large Kokoro is for a Buddhist Monastery in Mid-South
The large Joufuku with the light brown and honeycomb patterned kireji written by a Shinto Priest (the Jinja specializes in Iaido) for an Iaido Sensei in the West.
The Grey Yokomono for a couple in the Pacific Northwest who purchased the writing from a Buddhist Priest in Miyagi prefecture.
The Teal/Seiji kireji is for a student in my class at Bonsai in the Bluegrass.
If you want to order anything I will send a zipped file of about 300+ cloths with Ichimonji and Suji...

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