Will Heath disappeared with Robert Steven's Pot.

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Will Heath disappeared with Robert Steven's Pot.

Post  Robert Steven on Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:42 am

Sometimes ago I posted on IBC “ Will Heath disappeared with Robert Steven’s Pot ” which seems to have been removed, Will has failed to keep his repeated promises, and instead, he recently posted an insulting excuse on his blog. So I think I need to raise this issue again here so those who have paid him and never received the pot are updated. (see the updating post here: http://bonsainut.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4254)

After more than one year of all of his silly excuses for not shipping the pots to whom have paid him and those who won the prizes I sponsored, he puts the blame on me recently on his blog as asking why I didn’t ship the sponsored pot by myself to the winners. If he couldn’t afford to ship the pots I sponsored, why didn’t he tell me from the beginning when I offered the sponsor ? I had been offering to bear the shipping cost after the problem occurred, but he never responded, instead, he kept promising to ship out but never did ! I don’t have any stock left, otherwise, I’d have sent from my side…

His statement saying he was initially reluctant to help as my agent to sell the pot is abusing and insulting. My first intention to make this pot was from our discussion on how to raise fund for AoB; we even once talked about organizing a penjing training trip to China, made an AoB store selling bonsai memorabilia..and eventually I came out with this pot to be distributed by AoB; and he was so happy with this idea (I have the evidence of this communication).

He posted recently on his blog saying only 20 pots had been sold. But he posted on BonsaiNut last year as had sold more than 100 pots, he also posted on AoB (Letters to The Editors) an official sales report sometime in mid-2010 showing about 40 pots had been sold. But now the related post on AoB has been deleted !
Assuming his recent statement of only 20 pots sold as correct, then why he never willing to give me the sales report and ship the remaining stock to an address in America on my expenses ?

His further statement on his blog…” I have to confess, my first impulse upon returning and seeing the crap on-line was simply to donate all the remaining pots to the local skeet shooting club to be used as clay pigeons, however I didn’t think they would have been any more useful as targets than they are for bonsai.” This shows his attitude !
Those pots are still mine, why he doesn’t simply return them back to me ? I NEVER asked him to pay the entire quantity because our commitment was under consignment, he pays what he sells. Why he insist on keeping the stock and refuse to pay me ??? ??? …or maybe he had sold and got payment more than the 250 pots he could ship ????

As he announced, for those who have paid him, also those who won the AoB contest but never received the pot, please write an email to him, and he promises (however, this is his repeated and repeated promises) to ship out within the next 14 days. Although I doubt he will do it, but let’s not leave any excusing chance to him…..

Thanks to IBC to publish this post.
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Robert Steven

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Re: Will Heath disappeared with Robert Steven's Pot.

Post  John Quinn on Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:06 am

I think we can leave the post temporarily as it may affect other IBC members. Follow Robert's advice and contact Will directly with any questions.

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John Quinn

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