Bonsai Auction to benefit Omachi Gambatta

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Bonsai Auction to benefit Omachi Gambatta

Post  John Romano on Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:11 am

In an effort to find other venues to raise money for the help of Isao Omachi and family, I suggested to Marco Invernizzi that an online bonsai auction might be a good venue to raise money. On the Bonsai Study Group Forum (, an auction section has been set up specifically to raise money for this. Sellers can donate an item for the auction, specify minimum bids, etc (like ebay). The money from the winning bidder goes to Omachi Gambatta (how this is worked out is between buyer and seller. Buyer can send $ directly using paypal to and send a screen shot of the paypal confirmation to the seller and item is then sent to to this highest bidder). Check it out. You can also add items to donate as well. Craig Coussins from the UK has donated 3 antique screens that are quite beautiful.
This is not a plug for BSG forum but the auction. I participate in many bonsai forums but BSG had an auction section set up.
Hoping this is an appropriate post for IBC! I'm just trying to find ways that we in the bonsai community can support Mr. Omachi and family. Please participate with bids and items to sell.
John Romano

John Romano

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