Taxing Times

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Re: Taxing Times

Post  Jay Gaydosh on Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:27 pm

I don't need a surfboard... Fat Floats!

Luckily, I just got my Suburban back on the road. With diesel at $3.69 a gallon and rising, that vegetable oil is looking better and better!


Jay Gaydosh

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re taxing times

Post  john5555leonard on Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:05 am

well you,ve all cheered my up, cos sometimes i get a bit bored living in the tropics with nothing to do all day but swim in my pool and play with my bonsai and koi carp, but i knew there was a reason i moved here, petrol is only 28 baht a liter which is about 60 pence so about 2.70 a gallon , and my main vice cigars < made in thailand not imports> are 2 pence each , i smoked hamlet in the uk which my daughter tells me are now 8 pounds for 5 and i smoke 15 a day so that would cost me nearly 170 quid a week , oh my god , add that to the fact that i dont pay any taxes or property tax of any kind and i run a 3 ltr deisel pick up < so i can get more bonsai in > and the road tax is 40 pounds a year, i think i might suffer it all a bit longer, at least until the cigars kill me off . regards john


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