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Cut it down!

Post  Storm on Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:23 pm

Today, it was a fun time at work.. Not my intention to only spread negativeness here, but I just have to tell you!
I have been working for some time at a kindergarden. Outside, there is just forest. And many oak trees. Quite a bit that I intended to dig up when the snow goes that are pretty huge. Ive heard that they want to build a road right next to the kindergarden to make room for more houses. They already have many places for sale, but they always want more. Even if they arent sold. Today I came to work at about 0830, and saw that every big tree was cut down. Theyve been working like madmen to do it fast, and many of my wanted trees have been cut. There is a metre of snow and I cant do anything to get some of them. A lot more are to get down and I know they will take the good ones.

One bright side though, they knocked down one and damaged it pretty bad, which I wanted to get, but left a bit of roots. I cut it down and took it home.
It layed out for about 4 hours, and it stands in the snow outside at the moment untill I can get it into the growbox.
The roots seemed wet, and the damaged is something I hope I can work into the future design. It ripped bark off the trunk all the way down to the roots, but maybe it will work good as a hollow trunk. I will post pictures of the tree later.
Think it might have any chance to survive at this time of year? Most days there have been minus degrees, but the future days says a couple on the plus side at daytime.

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