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Post  kauaibonsai on Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:10 am

superbowl sunday was crappy weatherwise, so brought a pot into the garage to work on. the first pictures date back to sept of 2010, when friends dropped two orange landscape bougainvillea in my yard. both were reduced and potted up. the better of the two planted as a semicascade, has made nice progress and is beginning to look decent. in the intervening 5 months, the trunk has been shortened and hollowed, deadwood created, branches wired, rewired and defoliated 3 maybe 4 times. measured today, root spread is 9 inches, trunk at soil 6 inches, height to apex 11 inches.

hope you enjoy the pictures. best wishes, sam

september 2010

february 13, 2011

there's a tree in there somewhere


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