New edited version about bonsai display at Shohin-bonsai Europe

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New edited version about bonsai display at Shohin-bonsai Europe

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:48 am

I just launched a re-edited version of my “bonsai display” section at

I hope to share the art of displaying bonsai the original way with you. For some reason several European exhibitions the later years has avoided the use of scrolls used in the displays. Maybe to get more space to add more trees. The original way of displaying bonsai is lost then, and I do think it is a petty not have the opportunity to set up a display with the use of a scroll if needed.

The risk is that bonsai are exhibited like trees-on-a-row in a supermarket-style without aesthetic considerations. You may or may not wish to use a scroll in your display, but the possibility must be avaliable for the bonsai artist to make the choice.

Bonsai displaying has an out-spring from the Japanese landscape painting, and is clearly connected to the viewing of a landscape scenery in a minimalistic form, using open space and symbolism as a strong visual effect.

Read more about this subject if interested at the section of my website dedicated to bonsai display:
I will add further articles of this subject the next weeks!


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