Li Bi stone

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Li Bi stone

Post  bhswjww on Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:13 am

Li Bi stone is produced in the Rock Mountain in Anhui Province locating in mainland of China and it is a relative old rocks. Its formation process is that, the area here formed a vast shallow sea in Sinian Period about 8 hundred million years ago due to large-scale transgression. That time the climate was optimum, the sunshine was abundant and a large number of plankton was living in the sea such as algae. However with the change of times and climate, plankton precipitated after death with carbonate in the sea and they formed layers of carbonate buried underground, then due to the high temperature of internal earth and under pressure, the carbonate rocks would crystallize into calcite and dolomite. The different components of the algae mixed in it caused a variety of color and patterns. As the role of many crustal movements, the rock wrinkled and fractured.

Lingbi beautiful scenery, on the ground are wheat seedling

Farmers in the hole dug stones, dangerous, hard

Large stone was lifted.

Dug out the stones, everywhere.

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