Floral Welcome for the new year (Decade)

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Floral Welcome for the new year (Decade)

Post  Ravi Kiran on Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:06 am

Dear IBC,

Here is wishing everyone a Very Happy, Bright, Prosperous and Memorable New Year(and Decade) filled with Lots of Beautiful Trees.

I also share with you pics of flowers I had the privilege of photographing during my last week's holiday to a place called Kodaikanal in south India. It is a hilly place and a famous tourist spot. Being at a high altitude, it is natural to see, Pines, Cedars, Azaleas etc here. Though Spring is technically a month away, this place was starting to bloom and I was only too fortunate to be there to see these beautiful flowers.

Fantasy Palm


Pointsetter (not a flower acutally)

And a host of flowers whose names I am not too sure

Here is a Literati inspiration of a Cedar again photographed in Kodaikanal

And here are two Forest/Group Planting/Yose-ue inspirations from Kodaikanal

Hope you find the pics enjoyable and inspirational


Ravi Kiran

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Re: Floral Welcome for the new year (Decade)

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:14 am

Dear Ravi

lovely pictures....I hope you will have a good year.

Kind regards Yvonne


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