Mugo pine styling

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Mugo pine styling

Post  AlainK on Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:24 pm

I bought this mugo pine in a supermarket last year. It had small needles and so many branches that it was difficult to see what could be done, but I thought I spotted a trunk line. I put it in a pond basket without really touching the roots that were very entangled, the soil was a kind of clay, and it was already the month of April, so I thought that it would be more reasonable not to do too much at the same time.

The tree before styling (April 2008):

After removing a lot of branches :

I wired it in December, the idea is to style it as a windswept, probably one of the most difficult style if you want to have a convincing bonsai in the end :

This is what it looks like today :

I put it tilted againt a piece of wood so that the candles take the right direction. you can also see the movement of the roots better, it looks as if someone stepped on it when it was young :" alt="" />

I left the branch on the left because I think it might help the base of the trunk thicken. The project is to make sharis on this part of the trunk, as if it had been sandblasted in storms.

What do you think, shall I persevere, or had I better send it to someone for garden plantation?... Very Happy

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