Taxus Cuspidata Flowering

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Taxus Cuspidata Flowering

Post  bonsai monkey on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:07 pm

I got a taxus cuspidata last year which produced loads of "buds" which I though were for new growth for the following year (not knowing any better as I'd never had a Yew before). In the Spring I realised that it was for new growth but they were flower buds!!!!

Over the weekend I noticed loads more of the same and was wondering am I best to leave or remove them? I have not worked on this tree at all in the time that I have had it, just a light feed and water to help build it's strength back up as I was told that it had been a bit stressed in transit. Overall, the tree has grown well, put on loads of extention growth and also back budded so it must be happy(ish).

Thanks in advance,

bonsai monkey

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Re: Taxus Cuspidata Flowering

Post  Billy M. Rhodes on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:13 pm

Normally I would not let a tree bloom if it weren’t going into a show where the bloom mattered. In the case of a Yew as in the case of a Pine, I wouldn't let it flower because that uses energy. Some people recommend letting one bloom mature so the tree will not continue to try to reproduce itself. I have not found this necessary on my Black Pines, I don't have a Yew. Sometimes plants will bloom as a "last gasp" to try to reproduce before they die. Hopefully that is not your situation.

Billy M. Rhodes

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