VIDEO: Walter Pall talking about BMW bonsai presentation

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Re: VIDEO: Walter Pall talking about BMW bonsai presentation

Post  AlainK on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:18 am

I haven't had time to watch all the videos in the series, I haven't seen pictures of the show itself either, but this is excellent food for thought.

I particularly liked the passage in which Walter says that as long as you've lent a tree, it takes a different life (exact quotation needed). I've always thought that any work of art takes a life of its own only when it is shown to others, it's the way people are touched by what they can feel from it that gives it its true meaning. Of course, as Walter said (if I understood him well), this can be for worse or for better, but showing an art piece in an environment different from the one it was originally thought for can shed a different light on it, not "necesserily" ruin it...

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