small "road side" tree...dont know if its a bonsai

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small "road side" tree...dont know if its a bonsai

Post  Guest on Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:55 pm

Hi IBC friends,

i would love to share this small "road side" tree of mine.
im studying this tree for my future architectural/landscape models. i dont know if this qualify still as bonsai, but i think i can get a proper trunk and branch proportion within a decade or so then i can a put mini park bench underneath with a figurine reading a paper . im not so sure either with its name, the leaves are almost identical to feronia lucida but way lot finer (a proper name identification will be much appreciated). a very slow grower too, thats why i put it in a big pot, hoping to grow the trunk faster.


my nebari will be posted again in 2021 Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

the branches i have grown are my consolation



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