Round two of Successful cuttings!

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Round two of Successful cuttings!

Post  Jay Gaydosh on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:54 pm

Well round one was pulling 16 new starts out of my two Chrysanthemum pots. After 2 weeks all the starts appear to be thriving.

On the same weekend I did some majore pruning of my 3 Fukien Tea, my three Elms (originally volunteered in my yard), one tree that looks like a Fukien Tea without the flowers and berries, and my Russian Olive. So far all the Fukien Tea appear to be doing nicely. I hope to put them into their own pots this weekend. Most of the Elms died, but I think there are still a few left and one Russian Olive cutting appears to be hanging on.

I had planted them all in one of those seedling start flats (or seed planting trays) and left them outside, but under the main bonsai shelf out of the direct sun. Once transplanted, I think I ned to leave them out of the sun for a week or two while they recoved from the transplant shock.

I work with a lady originally from the Fujien Province in China, she has voiced an interest in some of the Tea starts.

So far I haven't bought any new trees (yet) this year, but my forest appears up by about 50! thumbs up

Jay Gaydosh

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Re: Round two of Successful cuttings!

Post  Russell Coker on Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:01 am


Back in the 70's I had a friend and mentor in Florida who imported what was probably the first Fukien tea into the USA. She went to Hong Kong and met Mr. Wu who told her where the nursery was on the Mainland. Anyway, she rooted tea cutting and also grew them from seed that her bonsai produced by the buckets. The seedlings ALWAYS developed into much nicer looking material than the cuttings which always looked strange. The cuttings also never had the vigor of the seedlings.

Just thought I'd pass that on while it was flashing through my brain.

Russell Coker

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