Ficus Ginseng has black dots and circle marks.. What shall I do?

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Ficus Ginseng has black dots and circle marks.. What shall I do?

Post  Lhopkins on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:50 am


My new ficus ginseng has some circle marks that do not disappear when wiped with a wet tissue, e.g:

It has some black dots, some of these disappear when wiped but others do not.. Perhaps just dust?

Also some of the leaves have a strange indentation on the edge, e.g:

The location of the plant is on a table next to my north-facing balcony window where it gets a bit of light via a voile curtain and receives some ventilation via a pivoting window that opens at the top (most wide about 3.5ft above top of plant).

The card that came with the plant said water once every 30 days and it has just been watered once since i bought it last week. I have not misted it as i have heard that this may cause fungi to develop.

I am in love with my new ficus ginseng! Please let me know what these issues may be and what i can do about them..

Many thanks! bounce


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the plot thickens..

Post  Lhopkins on Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:15 am

I just picked off a tiny insect which was whitish and slightly transparent. I squashed it immediately so can't provide a picture although maybe it was a thrip? EEK! i can't see any more at present.

Also, i just noticed a leaf with some brownish bits so i picked it off and found that the underside of it looked like this:

I have been picking off leaves with black bits that didn't come off when wiped, and also picking off any leaves with these brown markings to avoid spreading whatever it is. But there are many leaves with circle spots so i haven't picked these or my plant would lose many leaves.

The ficus is in what looks like good bonsai soil (brown and fibrous) in a plastic pot, which stands inside a very ceramic pot - quite tightly fitting. I have picked up the pot and it wasn't standing in water or anything. Perhaps I should put some gravel at the bottom?

The florist said it would be fine like this and that I shouldn't repot it.
I have gone in there twice to pester with questions but I don't think they know that much and were glad to be rid of me!

I would like to know if any of these aspects are related and what I should do about them.. Thanks..


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Ginseng Ficus

Post  bonsaisr on Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:09 pm

First of all, that is not a bonsai; it is a houseplant. Forget bonsai soil.
The white circles are from hard water. They mean nothing.
Hard to tell what the black dots are without a close-up picture. Possibly nothing. The brown areas look like sunburn, which are old.
The word is thrips, singular & plural. Too small to pick up. From your description, you probably have whitefly. Spray with a systemic insecticide quickly or it will spread. An effective insecticide will say not for indoor use. Spray outdoors.
Your location is not a healthful one. The tree should get more light & better air circulation. It should really be outdoors for the summer.
You can't water a plant on a time schedule. Water when the soil gets dry.

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Re: Ficus Ginseng has black dots and circle marks.. What shall I do?

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