Bonsai care afterwards

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Bonsai care afterwards

Post  Bob Pressler on Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:39 am

I'm bringing this up here because I think its important and will be read more.
Yesterday, not for the first time ,I was called by a family whose grandfather grew bonsai and he died a year or so ago.
Not only was I saddened by the state of his collection but it broke my heart to tell the family most of the trees were dead and the ones that weren't would take years if ever to be good bonsai again.
There was one bench with about 20 black pines that had to be several decades old that were completely dead because no one ever checked the sprinkler system.
There were trident maple forests with every tree in back dead because they were never turned and the trees in front were 6' long. At least 15 other bonsai were in the same state they hadn't been turned in two years and the back side of all of them were dead.
There were 17 dead CA junipers, again because no one knew how to check the watering system.
These were trees that someone had been working on for 40+ years. Mostly trash because he did not make any arrangements for his trees after he was gone.
Please for the sake of your trees and family make arrangements for your trees now so that they will continue on after we're gone. I know that this is not a pleasant subject but one that needs to be brought up.
Bob Pressler

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