Collecting from sucker.

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Collecting from sucker.

Post  Joe Hatfield on Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:34 pm

I collected 2 suckers this past weekend and have potted them in a 25% sand 50% organic soil, 25% small stone mix.the pot sizes are generous. I used root hormone on both ends of the exposed root that it is growing on and any of the finer roots that were available. It is a beech tree I believe. Any one have any tips for maximum rooting?


Joe Hatfield

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Collecting From Suckers

Post  bonsaisr on Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:43 pm

I hate to rain on your parade.
1. It is my understanding that rooting hormone is not very effective when applied to roots (the hormone is already there). Its main function is to promote the production of roots from stem tissue.

2. Did you collect some of the soil around the root? Beech trees may require mycorrhiza.

3. Was this a wild American beech or a cultivated European beech? The American beech is called Fagus grandifolia for good reason. It will have to be quite large to make a convincing bonsai.

4. Were these suckers woody offshoots with the same structure as the parent tree? There are various parasites and symbionts associated with beech.

To answer your question, collect some of the soil around the parent tree & grow your suckers in the ground for a few years.


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thank you for the time

Post  Joe Hatfield on Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:55 pm

It was a wild beech from the wild American woods. So its Probably ..... an American Beech. It wasn't a parasite, it was a true sucker.

And Yes I did collect it with soil from the location and i had mixed that in with my soil to make sure all the bacteria was present. I used root hormone because the root had been exposed for many many years and I wasnt sure if it was still a "root" buy this point.

Yes the leaves do get big on these A. Beeches but it will make a nice practice tree. I have never cultivated or trained a beech at all so this is my sacrificial tree. I should include a pic. After work perhaps.

Thanks IRIS!

Joe Hatfield

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Re: Collecting from sucker.

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