MIA IBC OLD TIMERS + Bonsai Haiku Wars

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MIA IBC OLD TIMERS + Bonsai Haiku Wars

Post  Geoline on Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:08 pm

International scavenger hunt for the following notorious IBC OLD TIMERS:

Sandra Vrooman (aka: Kitsune Miko, hangs out with the Kusamura Bonsai Club)
Big sis, I really miss ya. Throw me a pot (no no, don't throw a pot at Chris Cochran. Duck Chris!). Also need more kimono washi.

Marco Favero (aka: Ronin Gaijin)
Hugs to Simone my, Torino Gaijin. I move around too much to mend the family. I miss the multicultural poetry, histories and musics you share.

Stefan Sandstrom (aka: Bonsamurai, Aikido Viking, Lutefisk Connoissuer)
Remember that one winter when I coaxed some of the IBCers to make Calvin & Hobbes snow goons? Bonsamurai and family brutally butchered their snow goons. Stefan also helped translate an international phone conference in English, French, Spanish and bits and pieces of Swedish and Italian cuisine with Marco and I.

Also MIA are Michel Bartolone, Hud Nordin, Dan Cw, Andy Walsh, Phil (hangs out with Dave Matthews Band, I think)

Please tell my adopted IBC siblings to get their collected arses on the IBC for a family reunion. It has been more than a decade. Let the Bonsai Haiku Wars commence!


kamidana no hi wa okotaraji kaiko-doki

Even in silk-worm time
They do not neglect
The light of the household shrine.
Buson, trans. Blyth

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