Anyone have any good reference material?

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Anyone have any good reference material?

Post  jon hultgren on Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:01 am

Well I will be graduating in a weeks time and I still have 1200 pages left on my print quota, after which time these credits get zapped and the fees I had to pay in advance stay in the universities pockets. I was wondering if anyone had any good references or material they wouldn't mind sharing with the likes of me. I prefer to keep most of my informational materials in a hard copy format as I think its much easier to use and learn from material once its on paper as opposed to just being on a computer screen.

So what I am asking is if anyone has any good articles, old forum posts, or old detailed handouts that you think are especially informative. If the materials are already online a link posted here would be great but if its stuff stored on your harddrives that you wouldn't mind emailing me, my email address is my user name

Thanks everybody.
jon hultgren

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