Juniper growth question

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Juniper growth question

Post  bonsainotwar on Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:08 pm

Over the winter,I rescued a juniper,that I estimate to be about fifty years old.This is a stump of an old landscaping plant,that had been thrown on a trash pile,from a street widening project.It was one of the few such plants that I have found that has had any decent roots,and the first one I had planted that acutally lived.Only about half of the trunk has any bark,and the rest is broken off. It had obviously beend yanked out of the ground with some force,as all of the old branches snapped off.I tried to save a couple that were still partially attached,but it was no use.So now what I have is the classic heavily jinned old trunk,with clusters of brand new green shoots,from the trunk,around the one remaining little branch.What I would like to know is,how many years do you usually leave it alone to grow,before you have enough branches or twigs to create a decent bonsai?Since it has put out so many shoots does this mean it is rejuvinated,or would this mean it is extremely stressed,and may die at any minute? Twisted Evil rabbit

It also has some sawn stumps at the bottom,where larger branches were.I would like to jin these off with a trunk splitter,but would that cause too much stress on the tree?Should I wait until it recovers more to do this?

I would like to post a picture,but I am currently using a library computer,and I don't know if it would like my camera.


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Re: Juniper growth question

Post  littleart-fx on Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:14 pm


For now,....i would give the tree its deserved rest,....
And give it two years to recover,....and if a juniper grows normaly it goes!
Watch it grow,...and give it time,....the tree will tel!

Grtz,...also patient in cases me!

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