Your ugly tree

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Your ugly tree

Post  Jim Doiron on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:39 pm

Seems like I remember seeing something like this topic at some point but the search option never works for me so I couldn't find it. I was given this Ficus as a gift 5 years ago (I was told it was a Burtt Davy Ficus but I have I am not sure if that is accurate or not) and have managed to keep it going even to the point of going to seed which I was pretty proud of with no greenhouse and less than stellar light in the winter. The only thing I could think of while looking at it the other night was to layer it at the red line making it a kabudachi clump style or plant it to that height and let it build a better trunk with some roots. Any thoughts?

What is your ugly reject in the back of the garden? Let bring them out.
Jim Doiron

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