Collected hornbeam

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Collected hornbeam

Post  Joe Hatfield on Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:39 pm

On Sunday, fellow IBC member Austin H., nonmember Harry, and myself embarked on a fabulous journey into the wilds for some collecting. We came across some interesting things in the woods. Some were organic some were very non organic. Heaps of trash in some areas, old grave stones, we counted 12 piano sound boards. Where we went, no bonsai enthusiast has gone before. You could say were a bit ambitious in our mission but, we were rewarded.

Here is one of the treasures we had found. Austin has tagged it as a hornbeam and I think he is right.

If it is how well will this back bud should it survive and thrive?

Can of Spray paint for size reference.

Joe Hatfield

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